Meet The Students, Part 2

As we see God working in our students at K.I.D.S. Inc., we want to share some of their specific stories with you so that you can be praying for them. These are students who have chosen to follow Christ, which means that now we are part of the same family and can come alongside each other in prayer. What a privilege that is!

Meet Stella



 "Since knowing God, I appreciate things more."


Stella is fourteen. She is in the eighth grade, lives with her dad and two brothers, and plays the guitar.

Over this past spring and summer, Stella started asking a lot of hard questions. She’s a thinker, and wanted to understand exactly what this faith means. After hours of conversations, Stella accepted Christ in August! Since then, Stella has started studying the bible, and continues to ask great questions. It's exciting to watch her grow.

When we asked Stella what made her want to be a Christian, she said “Knowing all of you did. Since knowing you guys, my life is better. And you’re Christians, so it made me want that too.” Since knowing God, Stella says, she is happier inside. “I used to be really depressed,” she admitted, “but now it’s better. Since being a Christian, I appreciate things more.”

However, being a Christian is also hard. Before accepting Christ, Stella was into Satanism, and is now realizing the spiritual cost of her past. What she thought was cool is really scary. “I’m really paranoid,” she admits. “I feel like there’s something looking over my shoulder all the time.” Sometimes she’s tempted to give up. But having chosen to follow Christ, Stella’s biggest prayer request is that she could get rid of the fear and effects of that past.

How can you pray for Stella?

As we share her story, we ask for your prayer for Stella too. She is one of the students that our female staff and volunteers have invested in the most. It’s a joy to watch her grow, but with that joy comes the responsibility of caring for her and interceding for her in prayer.

  • Pray for her deliverance from spiritual attack and fear. Spiritual warfare is real and our enemy is strong, but not as strong as our God.
  • Pray for her to grow, to keep asking questions, to make wise decisions, and to find her satisfaction and identity in Christ.
  • Pray for her home life and relationships. As with many of our students, Stella’s home life is not stable, and involves a lot of uncertainty. We pray for peace, and that God would keep her in an environment where she can grow spiritually.

And finally, pray for us, that we could effectively serve and build up our students in the love of Christ. As always, we thank you for making this work possible. Your prayers and support are expanding the kingdom of God.

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