Volunteer Testimony: Saying Goodbye

Elementary Club met Thursday for the last time this school year. Many of those smiling faces will be back when we start up again in July, but we are going to miss them a lot!

Recently, Taylor Forsyth, a dedicated Elementary Club volunteer, shared on Instagram about how her time spent with these kids has impacted her:

“God was merciful, gracious, and loving the day He gave me the opportunity to volunteer [at K.I.D.S. Inc.]. I would not have pursued the opportunity if I were following my plan. Luckily, God pursues me and knows my needs.

“I have no doubt that God knew there was a need for volunteers, but I know that I’ve received far more than I could ever give back to these kids. I was used to simply fill a position, but God loved me and taught me through these kids.

“I connected with Ariq and Aren from the beginning. I love them inexplicably. Only through Jesus Christ could I explain how and why I am capable of loving these two so much. Yesterday, I had to say goodbye to them. Praise the Lord, their family is pursuing better opportunities and they won’t be able to return to [Elementary Club] next school year.

“The boys took a piece of my heart with them, but I am so thankful I was given the love of Christ so that He can love these boys through me. I would give them a million more pieces to show them how loved they are. If you have read this far, I encourage you to grasp any opportunity God presents you. Love with abandon because you are loved so by Him.

-Taylor Forsyth via Instagram (@taybay07), used with permission

We are so grateful for the opportunities to build relationships with these young people over the last year. We hope the time has impacted them as much as it has impacted us and the volunteer team.

If you are interested in making an impact in the lives of students, we would love to hear from you! Visit www.kidsinc-indy.com/get-involved/ and fill out the contact form.

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